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It has become increasing difficult to locate or develop vocational opportunities for those who have disabilities. This is rooted in a set of business variables which have been undergoing change since long before the “Great Recession” started; a change which has not been appropriately mirrored in the expansion of employment opportunities for the population.

In addition, factors such as the level of educational achievement and the broadening of certain definitions have created a pool of young people who need less support in their careers. These individuals want a broader range of career options and flexibility which cannot be achieved using traditional methods of locating opportunities for the disabled. The result is a 23% national employment rate for this population.

That's an unacceptably high, 77% unemployment rate.

The identified career opportunities that exist today – which are already insufficient to accommodate the number of people with disabilities seeking employment – are disappearing and will continue to do so as a result of advances in technology and the business world. The methods that have been used in the past for finding employment for this population are no longer effective, and likely haven't been for many years. The model of locating opportunities for disabled individuals – and keeping them employed – must change.

Additionally, so many more people with disabilities are being challenged to achieve more and becoming better educated. For these young people, competitive employment is much more attainable, but, unless there is a change in transition programming, reducing the unemployment rate for this population will remain an elusive goal.

With my background in business and disabilities education, I am confident that I can help your organization implement more effective, flexible, less costly transition program services. I have nearly 20 years of successful experience working within the Special Needs community and almost 30 years in business. I know the mandates and understand the business climate. I can create programs that are measurably effective, results-oriented, and budget-sensitive.

Call today and challenge me to show you how I can help you improve transition program services while reducing associated costs.

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