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The professionals at Special Education Alliance have been working diligently to help better the lives of people with special needs for nearly 20 years.

We firmly believe that every person can reach his or her potential to become a productive member of society. The key is proper planning and involvement throughout the child's life and educational career. This includes a well developed plan for post-secondary transition. 

Plans for a more normalized future

Working to help ensure the future is as bright as possible for children with disabilities presents many challenges. Special Education Alliance knows how to address these issues, establish better school-community connections to facilitate transition to adult life, and enhance the opportunities our young graduates have available to them.

We are proud of our years of experience and unrivaled track record

Special Education Alliance was founded by Ellen Smolko, the parent of a child with special needs. She has dedicated her extensive business and education experience to achieving optimal levels of independence for people with disabilities through the development and use of a systematic approach. Working with districts and private schools, she customizes and coordinates comprehensive transition programs that meet the needs of the students for successful transition to post-secondary life.

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