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Creating a Blueprint for Meaningful Post-secondary Outcomes

Education lays the foundation for achieving a person's aspirations. Significant effort goes into educating individuals with special needs, but what happens after high school?  

For some, college is an option. For others, specialized employment arrangements are required. For many others, however, supported competitive employment is what is needed. Employment and post-secondary education options have traditionally been extremely limited for all people with disabilities, but that is all changing.

The visionary leaders of Special Education Alliance saw the potential to improve the transition services being offered while reducing associated costs and expanding the available employment options. We recognized the need for a more progressive school-to-life model, one that offers more choices and a better way to help young people with disabilities connect with their communities and transition to a more meaningful life.

You have worked hard to educate students with special needs. You've raised the bar and challenged them to reach their full potential. But all of your efforts are in vain if you cannot help these young adults transition successfully to post-secondary life. 

We can help create a more effective transition program for the students in your district.

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